Our focus is on marketing solely between New Zealand and selected partners in Asia which means that we are able to dedicate our full resources to the sourcing and delivery of products.

We have extensive knowledge of the cultures we operate in. We are always eager to develop new trading partners while continuing to maintain the valuable relationships we have already established in international trade markets.

Indo-NZ Enterprises Limited recognises that regulation between each country is different and unique, the diversity of cultures, language and the logistical challenges are unlike any other region.

We believe that having a partner who can be trusted and relied on to deliver and support your business is critical in countries where in many cases shipping frequencies are measured in weeks not days.

Indo-NZ Enterprises Limited is committed to providing a the link between our valued suppliers and customers in  retail, wholesaler, distribution, and manufacturing companies.



Business Plan & Presentation

We craft professional business plans and presentations that map out strategic directions and convey to investor precise and credible steps the business is taking to achieve its objectives

Sales Pipeline Analysis

We can recommend immediate changes to your sales pipeline by identifying and understanding the opportunities.

Customer Lifetime Value

We use customer life time value to help businesses identify customer segments and individual clients with the most sustainable value


We can assist you to source quality products; finding manufacturer or suppliers within Asia/Pacific Rim that meet your business requirements.

Marketing and Website Development

We are able to help your business grow by development of business strategies ; develop  market promotion; and advise and assist on  website design.

Other Services

We offer a specific range of bespoke services to provide market information within the target countries where we operate. These niche products and services are developed in partnership with each client. Contact us for further information on what we can offer you.


We are an import/export and management services company that focuses on working with organisations that service the Asia Pacific region.

Advantages of using Indo-NZ Enterprises Ltd services include:

  • Over a decade involved in import/export in Asia, focussing on consumer and business products. As such, we understand how to help your business succeed, and we act as advisors to our clients on the suitability of various products in a specific market.
  • Our services make our clients business easier. We provide specific, tailored services to manufacturers, distributors in New Zealand and Asia; we undertake analysis of products that are slow and fast moving in order to reduce any potential bottlenecks  ensuring a continuous supply chain.


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