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Indo-NZ Enterprises Limited is a New Zealand based business consultancy focused on helping small and medium businesses to grow their sales and develop new and existing markets.

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At Indo-NZ Enterprises Limited we believe that business is about connecting, and providing value for money.

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We can lend our expertise to your projects and can provide systems/tools customised to meet your requirements for business performance and analysis tools.

Indo-NZ Advantages

We are an import/export and management services company that focuses on working with organisations that service the Asia Pacific region.

Advantages of using Indo-NZ Enterprises Ltd services include:

We make our Client’s Business easier

Our services make our clients business easier. We provide specific, tailored services to manufacturers, distributors in New Zealand and Asia; we do analysis of products that are slow and fast moving in order to reduce any potential bottlenecks thereby ensuring a continuous supply chain.

Advisors to the clients

Over a decade involved in import/export in Asia, focussing on consumer and business products. As such, we understand how to help your business succed, and we act as advisors to our clients on the suitability of various products in a specific market.


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